Architecture and Photography

Last Thursday, March 26, 2020, in the context of the isolation due to Covid-19, Marcela Grassi wanted to bridge the gap between all those people who work telematically from their homes, by broadcasting a live chat on Instagram in which architecture and photography were discussed  and where all the questions asked by the participants were answered.The evaluation of the result of the session was very positive both by the followers and by Marcela herself. The community of participants who saw the live included journalists specialized in design and architecture, architects, industrial designers, interior designers, photographers, light designers, stylists, students and also representatives of the AFPE (Association of professional photographers of Spain) of which Marcela it’s part.

You can watch the whole session by clicking on this video:

For about an hour, Marcela answered a series of interesting questions asked by participants on different fields, adviced on the material to be used in photo shoots, on the technique to be used when photographing a space, the value and importance of light, the cost criteria used to quote a photo session, or the authors who inspired her.

In one of the questions, the journalist Ariadna Rousaud asked Marcela what her favorite photograph was and also her favorite image of another author. As Marcela explained, for a photographer, choosing from a myriad of references and inspiring authors and their work is a difficult and almost impossible task to summarize at such a minimal level.

Regarding her favorite image, Marcela remembered her photographs of the projects by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the work that marked the beginning of her career as an architectural photographer, a photo shoot he took in 2007, the year in which the architect celebrated its 100 years of life.

Contemporary Art Museum in Niterói, arch. Oscar Niemeyer.
Picture by Marcela Grassi.

Other works that Marcela highlighted were the Library of Birmingham, by the architecture studio Mecanoo , or the National Museum of Science and Technology in La Coruña by the architects Victoria Acebo and Ángel Alonso.

Regarding other authors who served as inspiration in her training as a photographer, Marcela spoke of the photographers Fernando Guerra, Gabriele Basilico and Jordi Bernadó, the latter encouraging her to make the professional leap from architecture to photography.

Interviews and conferences

MaMagazine. ‘Marcela Grassi, retratista de los espacios que habitamos’

Picture by Sara Costa

Interior Contraportada. ‘Marcela Grassi, la fotógrafa de arquitectura con más trascendencia en el sector’

Picture by Quim Roser

Metalocus. ‘Marcela Grassi. Serie Fotógrafas de Arquitectura en España.’

Interior Contraportada. ‘Arquitectura y Luz’ en BB Construmat.

CEIP Ruidoms, ONL Arquitectura.
Picture by Marcela Grassi.

El periódico de Catalunya. ‘Marcela Grassi: Necesitamos saber las cosas que sí van bien’

Picture by Ricard Cugat