Artwork by Pepa Reverter

Pepa Reverter wants to live in a better and kinder world, so she consciously creates work that inspires us to do so. Purposeful creativity is what motivates her explorations with color and form, creating a mood, invoking a memory, or eliciting an emotional reaction as important as function. It captures the spontaneity and enthusiasm that is usually lost after childhood, keeping a fresh and open-minded approach to each new project. Her studio is a place of joyful creativity where she continues to work in various media and disciplines and with the brands, companies and collaborators that move and inspire her.

I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate in various of her art initiatives, like TotCor Project or Free port series Skin Cabinet. Here you can find a glimpse of the full immersion in the creative universe of Pepa Reverter, including a selection of her artwork as well as her studio in Barcelona, which spreads art in every corner. For more information you can visit: