Interview at MaMagazine

Last February 2020, Marcela Grassi was interviewed by Mamagazine, a digital magazine in which to find honest, intimate and brutal stories about motherhood (and fatherhood too).
Through testimonies of generous and brave women (and men) they will distil a new broth full of nuances, an account of the impact of motherhood on our bodies, on our minds and in our days.

«My subconscious is still an architect: I design and build magnificent houses and buildings in dreams… I run down stairs that fall down… I see spaces in different perspectives… if only I could remember with precision what I have dreamed of when I wake up…«

«The best advice for parenting was given by my therapist: that the best person for my son is me. I, just me, am the mother of my son. It is the only advice I take into account: give him all the love I have. I try to be myself, with my essence, and give him my love: he is my son for that reason. «

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