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With the shutter as my brush and light as my palette, my journey into the world of architectural photography stems from unexpected roots. I was born in the vibrant land of Argentina, where the seed of my passion was planted by my grandfather, a master in camera repairing and the art of revealing moments on paper. His legacy became the spark that would illuminate my path.

Architectural photography captured my attention through my friend Carlos Vallejos, whose lens danced along the contours of buildings to capture them on the pages of an encyclopedia he was working on. From that moment, my snapshots transformed into a visual symphony of lines and forms, capturing the very essence of architecture.

Seventeen years ago, after completing my architectural studies, I stumbled upon my true calling: photography. Drawing from my artistic background, I embarked on a journey to capture the charm of architecture in harmony with its surroundings.

My ability to grasp the core of architectural creations and my meticulous exploration of light to give dimension to my photographs have become my trademarks. Whether working in public spaces or delving into interior design projects, I channel the same unwavering passion into every endeavor.