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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hesitate to reach out to me via email, phone, or social networks—I'm more than happy to hear about your needs.

Yes I do! In fact, I love to travel! To make an international assignment, I will just add travel expenses. Also, I can keep you updated when I'm travelling, so if you have something to photograph where I'm going, I could offer you better rates. 

The rates are determined by the duration of the photo shoot and the quantity of post-processed images provided. Don't hesitate to inquire for additional details through my communication channels.

In addition to basic adjustments (tonality, brightness, contrast, correction of horizontal and vertical deformations, spots), are included in the post-production small changes that do not radically change the scene. For deeper retouches, feel free to ask me.

Typically, each step of the process—sending the selection and completing post-production on the chosen photos—takes approximately two weeks. However, I am open to making exceptions if there's a requirement for shorter turnaround times.

  • Photographic shooting session, with a previous brief with the client (on site, or in a previous meeting). During this time, on interiors assignments, I'm arranging the spaces to make them look at their best.
  • Pre-selection of the images and shipment to the client in low resolution
  • After the selection of the client (with eventual requests on retouch), post-production of the pictures
  • Delivery in high and low resolution, via ftp