Interview for Metalocus

Interview with José Juan Barba, published on Metalocus 11/10/2018 for the serie 11 Spanish Architecture Women Photographers that you will like to know
Marcela Grassi, training architect, is a photographer already known by our readers. Without realizing it, we have been publishing photographs taking by she since its inception, more than seven years ago.

From Marcela Grassi, I would like to start by talking about the sincerity of her work. When we chose as the cover image of Oscar Niemeyer‘s MAC Niteroi, one of those architect-characters who always evoke epic narrations of architecture, we called Marcela to tell her that the image was not perfect and had some noise, Marcela commented: Yes, that’s right, because I taked a scaning to digitized it and in process there had been some loss. She told us that the image was important because it was one of the first, before even moving to digital photography. As it happened with Banksy work a few days ago, we thought that this image increased its value and was even more interesting, to talk about Grassi.

The path of Marcela Grassi in photography is long. From her initial concerns printed by the passion of her grandfather, going through the analogical shots, until eleven years ago, when she switched to digital photography. A trajectory where photography, as she tells us, becomes something natural when it comes to looking at architecture.

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