Marcela Grassi

CATEGORY: Interview

Sometimes my architectural photography takes the spotlight, that is why I am thrilled to share with you the latest happenings and milestones that have shaped my artistic path and have made it to the press. Find the latest updates for a whirlwind of headlines that capture the essence of my work.

Mesa de trabajo 3
Last 12th of May I had the opportunity of giving a conference within the cycle DINA organised by Wideprint in Argentina.
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On November 30, the program ‘Jo soc Erasmus’ was broadcasted on Channel 2 of RTVE (Spanish Broadcasting Corporation)
Mesa de trabajo 32
“The way the pavilion connects with the natural backdrop is emphasised in the photos by Marcela Grassi who captured Aula K.” – Christiane Bürklein
Mesa de trabajo 3
IInterview with el Periódico, published on 28th November 2018. Read the full interview (in Spanish) HERE.
Mesa de trabajo 3
Interview with Interior Contraportada, published on 26th November 2018. Read the full interview (in Spanish) HERE...
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Interview with José Juan Barba, published on Metalocus 11/10/2018 for the serie “11 Spanish Architecture Women Photographers that you will like to know“.
Mesa de trabajo 3
You have studied architecture at the University of Ferrara (Italy), but now you’re working as a photographer. Why are you more interested in seeing than touching architecture?